Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eurohoops is born

Henry Abbot at True Hoop decided to dedicate the 2006 BlogDay to international basketball blogs and went out to find a number of them focused on the Euroleague, but with little success: there's just one English language blog about European basketball in his list. Henry's not to blame for it. The truth is, there isn't a Europe-wide basketball blogging community. I don't even know of a good place for discussion among European fans, other than at the message boards of sites such as RealGM or Interbasket. Most good blogs and forums are written in the languages of the top domestique leagues, that is, Spanish, Italian and Greece, which unfortunately prevents cross-pollination of ideas and viewpoints, and also puts a barrier to US fans that want to know what locals feel. The result is that there isn't much Euroleague discussion going on in the Internet across frontiers.

Let's consider this blog an attempt to overcome this problem. My blogging abilities in English are not that good. My basketball vocabulary is still limited. I know it will be hard to get a solid number of regular visitors (Spain, Italy and Greece are not the most English friendly, or even internet friendly, countries out there). But I hope this will become an enjoyable meeting place for basketball fans across the globe which want to discuss what's going on in European hoops.

Which contents can you expect from me? I will not do weekly reviews of domestique leagues or Euroleague games, as Euroleague.net already does a wonderful job at that. I'll try instead to take a look at the bigger picture, while also giving comments about events that catch my attention. There will be some room for advanced statistics, similar to those I discuss, in Spanish, in my articles at Muevete Basket. But, above all, I'd like to get people from multiple countries and different countries involved, so in principle any topic, preferable with an European view, could be welcome.